Veteran Profile: US Coast Guard Captain Terry Gilbreath

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US Coast Guard Captain Terry Gilbreath served 25 years at all domestic bases including two tours throughout the Caribbean, Bahamas and Gulf of Mexico as well as two tours in Mobile.

Captain Gilbreath is currently the harbormaster, facility security officer and safety director at the Alabama Port Authority. 

He says his experience as a Coast Guard captain of the port set him up for this job as he has extensive experience with deep draft shipping, international regulations and waterways management.

As one of many veterans on staff, Captain Gilbreath says the Alabama Port Authority is a great place to work for military service members. 


Why Mobile?

Captain Gilbreath likes the cost of living and the lifestyle on the Eastern Shore citing the fact that Alabama does not tax veteran’s retirement income. 

Captain Gilbreath loves living in the area saying, “I had two tours in Mobile while in the Coast Guard and knew this was the place I would like to retire. The climate is about right for me and there are plenty of things to do outside. I’d recommend this area to anyone.”



Captain Gilbreath urges newly retired veterans to continue learning and setting goals while remaining active and busy. He also emphasizes the importance of finishing VA disability paperwork before retirement.

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