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Meet the March Small Business of the Year Finalist: L.A. Fotographee

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Life is a whirlwind, but L.A. Fotographee helps people hit pause on the good stuff. Since 2011, they’ve been partners in capturing life’s messy, beautiful moments – think giggling kids, tearful graduations and epic love stories unfolding. They’re not your average “cheese and then say goodbye” photographers. They’re storytellers, emotion hunters and memory alchemists, transforming real moments into real art.

Founder and owner L.A. Alston, said, “This award means a lot. If it wasn’t for the Chamber and me learning the aspects of how the Chamber operates and how to network with both small mom and pop businesses and big businesses, then I don’t think I would be in the position to receive this award. Just learning and observing how to do business has been major. I do want to give the Chamber my appreciation for allowing me the opportunity to just learn and observe.”

L.A. Fotographee began as a passionate one-person endeavor, driven by client satisfaction and the desire to create exceptional photography. In 2020, his wife Jamelah left her full-time job to solely work on her graphic design firm called Jay Wow Designz. They eventually merged efforts into one business. 

L.A. Fotographee & Jay Wow Designz evolved, expanding beyond photography to offer web & graphic design services under The Dezine Firm (est. 2018). This innovative approach caters to changing market needs and streamlines client experience, providing a one-stop shop for visual storytelling. Overcoming initial brand differentiation hurdles, they attract wider audiences and deepen client relationships, fostering a competitive edge for future growth. “Her coming into the business has 100% elevated what we do at L.A. Fotographee,” said Alston. 

They have since blossomed into a dynamic team of four, including two full-time and two part-time individuals. Beyond serving their valued clients, they are passionate about nurturing the next generation of storytellers. They actively mentor aspiring photographers and videographers, sharing their knowledge and experience to help them hone their skills and launch their careers.

Customer-centricity guides their success. They prioritize active listening to understand unique needs, then execute with precision and dedication. They believe client satisfaction is their top priority, driving them to deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations. This flexible yet focused approach fuels their growth.

They see clients as collaborators, not transactions. Discreet attentiveness and meticulous execution ensure their clients’ vision is flawlessly realized. In their field, loyalty speaks volumes: they cultivate meaningful partnerships, not just sales. They dare future clients to give them a try, wanting them to experience the difference.

At L.A. Fotographee & The Dezine Firm, they invest in Mobile’s future. Their Bounce Back Youth Leadership Foundation (est. 2008) empowers kids to explore their passions in photography & design, fostering talent and shaping young lives. In the past, they have engaged with the Mobile Chamber, collaborating on initiatives that uplift the community. They are proud to be part of something bigger. Twenty percent of proceeds they receive through L.A. Fotographee goes back into their nonprofit.

When looking to the future, their vision for L.A. Fotographee and The Dezine Firm is clear: to empower aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs through a dedicated after-school program within 3 years. This innovative hub will nurture talent in a supportive environment, fostering future generations of visual artists. Their passion and vision fuel their journey toward this exciting venture, even without a traditional blueprint.

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