ASMS Ribbon Cutting for E.O. Wilson Science Research Center

Celebrating Innovation: ASMS Unveils the Edward O. Wilson Science Research Center

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Mobile, AL – June 14, 2024 – This coming year students at the Alabama School of Math and Science will get to take advantage of the new Edward O. Wilson Science Research Center, the state’s only college-level research facility to be utilized by high school students. 

“Our school founder, Ann Bedsole, has always challenged us to ‘raise the bar in education for Alabama.’ At ASMS, we know the next great step is giving our high schoolers the opportunity to conduct research with the college-level instructors who teach classes at our school,” says ASMS President, Dr. John Hoyle.

The grand opening was held on Friday, June 14, 2024 and marked the beginning of a new era in scientific education and research for the school and the community.


A Vision for the Future of Science Education

The new research center, named after the renowned biologist and Alabama native, is designed to provide a state-of-the-art facility for advanced scientific research and education. The center aims to inspire and equip the next generation of scientists, innovators and leaders by offering unparalleled resources and opportunities for hands-on learning and discovery.


ASMS Ribbon Cutting Distinguished Guests and Speakers

The ceremony featured an impressive lineup of speakers including Governor Kay Ivey, elected officials and educators who all emphasized the center’s potential to transform science education, foster collaboration and stimulate economic growth in the region. 

University of South Alabama President Jo Bonner quoted Edward O. Wilson, saying, “I am not a Harvard professor who was born and grew up in Alabama. I am an Alabamian who like tens and thousands of other Alabamians, went up north after World War Two to work. Now at this time, at this time in my life and career, it is natural to return to where my heart has always lived, close to the memory of Mobile’s landscapes and my people.”


A Tribute to Edward O. Wilson

The center is named in honor of Edward O. Wilson, a celebrated biologist known for his pioneering work in biodiversity and conservation. Born in Birmingham, Wilson’s illustrious career and contributions to science have left an indelible mark on the world. The center aims to continue his legacy by nurturing curiosity, encouraging exploration and promoting the importance of environmental stewardship.


ASMS Research Fellows Program

The new facility will support advanced STEM education and the school’s Research Fellows Program. Students in this program are paired with a faculty mentor to create a college-level research project for competition and review from alumni evaluators, giving them valuable hands-on experience in their field of choice.

“Our students come from all 67 Alabama counties to attend ASMS and live on our campus because they are motivated to learn at new levels. Our faculty have turned down jobs at some of the most prestigious universities and research facilities in the country just to teach our students. We have made the most of this special community by creating an in-depth, collaborative, hands-on research experience that can now expand with the opening of the Wilson Science Research Center,” says ASMS Research Coordinator, Asia Frey.


Looking Ahead

The new research center will support workforce development in Alabama by preparing ASMS students to fill high-level STEM jobs by developing skillsets ranging from critical thinking to collaboration and data analysis to one day solve some of Alabama’s most pressing challenges.

The Edward O. Wilson Science Research Center is poised to become a beacon of scientific excellence and a hub for educational advancement in Alabama. By providing students with the tools and opportunities to engage in rigorous scientific research, the center will play a crucial role in preparing them to tackle the challenges of the future and make meaningful contributions to society.


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